Reusable Multi Purpose/Produce Bags

Reusable Multi purpose bags, for many needs around your home. Starting with shopping in the produce/bakery/bulk food section of your favorite store that has the environment as a priority. Hyp-bags do not register on the scale so they do not add to your bill, are translucent, with a very fine weave to be able to carry even products like quinoa, lentils, rice and have a handy drawstring closure for easy use.

Hyp-bags can be used for straining and filtering, jellies. cheese, nut milks, wine and anything else you can think of. 

Wash your quinoa and rice, store root vegetables, dry herbs, make compost tea for your garden and much more.

Your imagination is the limit as to what these bags are useful for. 

We at Hyp-bags, are proud of our quality, workmanship and attention paid to each and every handmade bag. 

Hyp-bags appreciates your comments and ideas of useful tasks these bags can perform.

100% Polyester


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